RATED-R レイテッドアール ラッシュガード ファイトショーツ

RATED-R Rashguard and Fight Shorts: New models!

RATED-R レイテッドアール ラッシュガード ファイトショーツ

RATED-R Rashguard and Fight Shorts: New models!


New brand! RATED-R is booming!

Now MMA and Muay Thai PROs enjoy our RATED-R products as their costumes for games as well as training!

High quality and selected materials!

RATED-R Rashguards and Fight Shorts are made of high quality materials which are carefully selected by RATED-R.

RATED-R adopts thicker and more durable materials for the rashguards compared to other brands. The thickness and durability are perfect for intensive training.

For the Fight Shorts, on the other hand, RATED-R focuses on flexibility and durability. The special materials bring both elements.

The well-designed cut maximize fighter’s mobility and speed!

RATED-R studying and researching well to provide the best fit for fighter’s and help them give their best performance.

No cracking, no coming off! Totally sublimation printing!

RATED-R applying sublimation printing for all Rashguards and Fight Shorts so we will have no cracking nor coming off of logos or any other designs. And so they are long-life products.

In addition, the sublimation printing keeps original touch of the materials and so they are free from sticking feeling. It is one of the practitioner’s favorite features.

Come and try the new arrival of Gradation model and Combat II model!

RATED-R TOKYO Official website:

Shop the RATED-R products at RYUKO MMA SHOP, one of the leading martial arts supply shop in Tokyo, Japan!

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RATED-R レイテッドアール ラッシュガード ファイトショーツ
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