Spring Sale! JIN GEAR Boxing Gloves 20%-30% OFF![Martial arts supply・Ikebukuro]


Spring Sale! JIN GEAR boxing gloves 20%-30% OFF!


Genuine leather/Synthetic leather, Unisex/Female/Junior

JIN GEAR boxing gloves have been greatly reduced in price for our Spring Sale!
If you are planning to take on a new challenge in the spring or are looking for a new pair of gloves, please consider our offer!

JIN GEAR Boxing Gloves Junior/Female size [Tribal Model] Black/Red
20% OFF 4900yen⇒3900yen (Incl. tax)!!

JIN GEAR Boxing Gloves Junior/Female size [Premium Model] Genuine leather Black, White, Lavender
21% OFF 5600yen⇒4400yen (Incl. tax)!!

JIN GEAR Boxing Gloves [Tribal Model] Black/Red
28% OFF(1,900 yen discount) 6800yen⇒4900yen (Incl. tax)!!

JIN GEAR Boxing Gloves [Premium Model] Genuine leather Black, Lavender
30% OFF(2,400 yen discount) 7800yen⇒5400yen (Incl. tax)!!

Don’t miss this opportunity !

When you come to Tokyo area, please drop by RYUKO MMA SHOP, a martial arts supply located in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro!

RYUKO (Dragon Tiger) MMA SHOP: https://ryukomma.com/en/

Location: Ikebukuro Crown Heights Bldg. 5th fl.
3-8-3-502, Minami-Ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0022

Tel no.: 03-6907-1080

Store hours: 11:00 – 19:00

Directions to the new location ⇒7 mins on foot from the East exit of Ikebukuro Station. From the East exit, make right on Meiji Avenue and head south (towards Mejiro) along the Meiji Ave. Pass Niku no Hanamasa(a meat supermarket) and SevenEleven(a convenience sotre) on your left and find a craft beer bar. We are on the 5th floor of the building. Our shop is Suite 502. During our store hours, feel free to pull the door and come in!

Click here for directions from the East exit of Ikebukuro Station to the Shop.

Notice of Store Relocation and Temporary Closure [Martial arts supply in Ikebukuro]

>龍虎 MMA 池袋店

龍虎 MMA 池袋店

東京都・池袋駅の東口から徒歩約4分! 東急ハンズの隣の建物の4階です。 東京近郊にお出かけの際には是非お立ち寄りください! スタッフ一同お待ちしております(^^)