Mountain Day Ryuko MMA is open.

Aug. 11th (Fri.) Mountain Day: RYUKO MMA is open [Martial Arts Supply / Ikebukuro, Tokyo]

Mountain Day Ryuko MMA is open.

Our store is open on Aug. 11th (Fri.) Mountain Day!

Mountain Day Ryuko mma is open.

RYUKO MMA SHOP [Martial Arts Supply] in Ikebukuro is now open!

We are open even on Friday, August 11th (Mountain Day) for our regular store hours!

Store Hours: 11:00 – 19:00

When you come to Tokyo area, please drop by RYUKO MMA SHOP, a martial arts supply located in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro!


Location: 1-28-6-4F-A, Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6907-1080

Store hours: 11:00am ~ 7:00pm (7 days a week)

About 4 minutes on foot from the East exit of Ikebukuro Station. Come down the Sunshine 60 Avenue towords Sunshine City. Make right at the corner of ABC Mart, a shoe store. We are on the 4th floor of a building next to ABC Mart.
Click here for directions from the East exit of Ikebukuro Station to the Shop.

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Mountain Day Ryuko MMA is open.
>龍虎 MMA 池袋店

龍虎 MMA 池袋店

東京都・池袋駅の東口から徒歩約4分! 東急ハンズの隣の建物の4階です。 東京近郊にお出かけの際には是非お立ち寄りください! スタッフ一同お待ちしております(^^)