WKF公認 コンビネーションキック

WKF (World Karate Federation) Approved Shin and Instep Pad [Leg Protector / Karate]

WKF公認 コンビネーションキック

WKF approved Combination Kick (Shin and Instep Pad)!

WKF公認 コンビネーションキック

adidas WKF Approved Shin and Instep Protector

World Karate Federation(WKF)Approved adidas leg protector

adidas WKF Approved Combination Kick Blue / Red

In addition, a shin and instep protector which is made in same structure and materials with the WKF Approved Combination Kick is also available in black as follows.

*adidas  Shin and Instep Protector Black

Note: This product doesn’t have the WKF Approval Mark. Under the current WKF competition rule, only blue and red leg protectors are allowed for official competitions.

This adidas Shin and Instep Protector Black is now on sale!

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WKF公認 コンビネーションキック
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龍虎 MMA 池袋店

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